Low Calorie Pork Chop Recipe

Saigon Skinny Chops

Cooking Pork Chops That Are Less Than ¼” Thick

Thin-cut pork chops can present a challenge when it comes to creating a flavorful and tender cut of meat. Never fear! Here are a few tips and facts to help you achieve the perfectly delicious, thin-cut chop:

Surprisingly, thin-cut chops provide the same nutritional as thick-cut but, obviously, cook in a fraction of the time. Pork chops are rich in B vitamins, which assist your body in producing  red blood cells which facilitate energy to keep you active. While pork chops are a good source of protein, keep in mind they’re relatively high in sodium compared to other cuts of meat. Round out the meal with a medley of vibrantly colored vegetables like roasted red bell peppers, carrots and asparagus and a whole grain side Refrain from overcooking as they will most certainly turn out shoe-leather tough. Rather than using a fork to flip the chops, use a pair of tongs instead. By not piercing the meat, it will retain more of its juicy flavor. Just a reminder: Before and after working with raw pork, always wash your hands with warm, soapy water. As well, sterilize all cutting boards, utensils, surfaces and counter tops that have come in contact with pork.

The key to getting this recipe to turn out right is ensuring that the chops are no thicker than ¼” and that they are cooked quickly on very high heat. The optimum amount if moisture is retained by rapid cooking. It seems that the bone-in pork chops are more flavorful and than boneless chops.

Low Calorie Pork Chop Ingredients:

6 ¼” pork chopslow fat pork chops, low calorie
2 garlic cloves
4 TBSP Olive Oil
4 Spring Onions
1 cup of Cilantro
1/2 cup of low-sodium Soy Sauce
1 TBSP black pepper

Saigon Skinny Chops Cooking Directions

Dust pork chops with pepper. Make a small incision in the so it won’t curl during cooking.

In a glass bowl, marinate chops in low-sodium soy sauce for 15 minutes.

Chop the spring onions and cilantro and place in a bowl. On a plate, arrange a thin “pork chop-size” layer of the spring onion/cilantro mixture. Crush and peel garlic cloves. In a wok or skillet, over high heat pour half of the olive oil and half of the garlic. Stir until the olive oil begins to smoke:  about 1 minute. Place three of the pork chops in the wok or skillet. Be cautious of splattering oil. Arrange the pork chops in such a way that the bones are positioned toward the middle of the skillet/wok.

After about 30-45 seconds, reverse (not flip!) the pork chops so that now the bones are facing away from the middle.

After about 45 seconds now you may flip the chops.  Again, position them toward the middle of the skillet/wok.

After an additional 45 seconds or so, arrange the chops so that now the bones are facing away from the middle.

After 1 minute remove from heat.

Next, we will create a pork chop “tower” by sandwiching the pork chops and the spring onion/cilantro mixture: Place one chop atop the cilantro/spring onion layer you previously placed on a plate. Next, place another layer of the green mix atop that pork chop, and continue to repeat this procedure.
Do the same for the remaining pork chops.

Enjoy this lean, low calorie pork chop recipe with your family or friends!