Polski-Style Pork Chops (kotlet schabowy)

An Eastern-European Breaded Pork Chop Recipe

Post World War II, Poland was occupied by the Communists. Initially restaurants were state-owned and later shut down by the authorities. As an alternative, the communists imagined a network of employee lunch rooms and milk bars at various companies. The handful of restaurants that endured the 1940’s and ‘50’s were nationalized and for the most part, generally out of the price range of the working class. The lunch rooms offered inexpensive meals and a plethora of soups. The typical main course consisted of some form of ground meat cutlet and potatoes. The kotlet schabowy is akin to the Austrian Wiener schnitzel.

European Pork Chop Ingredients:

4 boneless center-cut pork chops
Salt and pepper
All-purpose flour
1 large egg beaten, plus 1 tsp water
Bread crumbs or crumbs
Vegetable oil
Trim fat from pork chops. Pound and flatten pork between two pieces of plastic wrap to ¼” thickness. Season with salt and pepper on both sides.
Dredge the chops in flour, then beaten egg mixture, and then bread crumbs. Allow to rest for ten minutes before frying.
Heat 1” of oil to in a large skillet. Fry the chops one at a time for six minutes on each side until golden brown. Place chops on a heatproof plate, cover with foil and place in a 200° oven. Repeat with remaining cutlets. On the other hand, you may use two skillets to save time.
Serve with Cucumbers and Sour Cream (Mizeria)
Legend has it this was a favorite dish of Queen Bona Sforza, a beautiful Italian princess who has wed Polish King Sigismund I during the 16th century. Melancholy and homesick for Italy where cucumbers were abundant, every time she ate them, she would burst into tears. Consequently the Polish word for “misery,” is “mizeria”― derived from the Latin.
Ingredients:polski eastern european pork chops
1 large cucumber washed and trimmed
1/2 cup sour cream
1 tsp sugar
2 tsp white vinegar
1 TBSP fresh dill chopped
Run a fork down the length of the cucumber to create an attractive design. Slice the cucumber thinly. Place in a colander and generously salt the cucumbers. Allow to drain for one half hour.
Mix the remaining ingredients in a small bowl. Pat cucumbers dry. In a medium bowl combine the dressing and the cucumbers. Toss gently and season with salt and pepper. Chill and garnish with additional dill before serving, if desired. Polski-Style Pork Chops.